Work with me

Any business inquiries may contact me at

I am a micro-influencer currently accepting the following:
*Book Reviews – YA, Women’s Fiction, Contemporary Fiction, Romance, Thriller/Suspense
*Developmental Editing (Free or at a small stipend) – View genres above
*Business Partnerships, Product Reviews – Skincare, Haircare, Cruelty-Free Products, Clothing for Curvy Women

Commonly Asked Questions:

Why are you doing developmental edits for free or a small stipend?

I’m currently working at an editorial assistantship where I am working projects, such as developmental edits. I have a strong eye for catching inconsistencies and looking at the bigger picture but need more hands-on practice to really get better at my craft. I decided to start accepting developmental edits and offering them at a very low fee to even free.

If you are interested, send me an email at with your Query, Synopsis, and First Fifty. We can discuss payment options together.

What is a developmental edit?

A developmental edit is where I read your manuscript and look at the bigger picture such as consistency, ease of reading, and flow. I look out for repetitiveness, overall structure, plot holes, character development and more to help transform your book into it’s strongest version yet.

While I do make line and copy edits where I see fit, I am not a copy-editor. After I take a look and edit your manuscript, I will likely suggest a copy-editor to take a look at your work for any spelling errors. I look at more of the bigger picture, flow, and structure of your book.

What do you mean by ‘micro-influencer’?

As a micro-influencer, I have a small yet extremely responsive and growing following. Building community is important to me so I focus more or creating friendships and trust as opposed to solely focusing on my follower count.

Can you send me your media kit?

Should you be interested in working together, I would be more than happy to send you my media kit! 🙂

Can you elaborate on the type of products are you willing to review or share with your community?

I am a huge foodie and skincare addict! I also love haircare, modeling clothing for curvy women, and cruelty-free products. Please contact me to discuss further.

What kind of turnaround do you have for your book reviews?

I read and review books at my own leisure as I would want to give the most honest opinion on my experience with said book. If you are looking to have your reviews back by a certain time due to book launches, please let me know! I would be more than happy to prioritize the read should there be a strict deadline your team is trying to meet. If that is the case, please advise me 4 to 6 weeks before deadline so I can have the book read and reviewed for you.