5 Fun, Easy, and Delicious Dishes That Will Save Your Twenties

As I’m reaching adulthood, I’m starting to realize that I enjoy routines and being a home-body much more than I thought. With having my own place, I’m noticing that these menial day-to-day tasks surprisingly help root me — and although obligatory — I’m starting to actually… enjoy them.

Blah. Enjoy laundry? Enjoy cooking? Enjoy sleeping early? Well, yeah! Mostly because I have to enjoy them, but also because I want to.

I’ve always loved baking but never really cared for actually cooking. I always found it much more stressful than anything else… Quick info about me, I’m a Grade-A multi-tasker with an extremely small attention span… so yeah, I’ve left many pots on they’re own to only end up burning rice, like who does that!?

Luckily, those days are long gone… (fingers crossed!)

But now that I’m away from home and in a completely different environment, there are some meals that bring me back to Miami like arroz con pollo or pan con bistec. And although I don’t know how to make the second one that well, I make some mean arroz con pollo! Being away from comfort foods that our parents would make us can be hard, but I’m trying to see it as more of a challenge to learn how to master those meals and make my momma proud!

Sadly, not every evening calls for hours worth in the kitchen. Sometimes we’re a bit more rushed than we’d like to be or just not inspired. I totally get it. I’ve been there, literally yesterday I was too tired to cook and ended up just popping in some frozen steak fries and popcorn chicken in the oven and called it a day!

I must also say I’m blessed to have such a chill boyfriend. We’re always up for anything, and last night he knew I was exhausted so fries and frozen chicken it is! On the same token, I want to be inspired to cook awesome meals that are healthy and delicious but also easy ’cause your girl isn’t always the best in the kitchen. Of course, like many of us — Pinterest (and Youtube) is my go-to when I’m looking for meals to inspire me and before I ramble on for too long…

Here are my favorite, go-to easy dishes we should all have in our arsenal in our twenties.

Whether you’re trying to make it to Master Chef or find excitement with your meals – I’ve got you covered!

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You’re probably reading this and being like… ummm, okay!? I don’t know about you guys, but burritos is a huge comfort dish for me.

My mom would always spontaneously make burritos for us and we’d always have tons of left overs. Not only that, but burritos are so incredibly easy to make (super cheap) and so filling!

We made burritos last night using some left-over rice from the week, refried beans, and some bomb ass ground turkey.

Let’s just say, we were stuffed! Since I’m scouring Pinterest for these recipes, I decided to spruce things up and show you a Korean BBQ burrito made by Pinch of Yum ’cause it just looked so yummy! 

Honestly, when it comes to burritos just do your own ‘thang! Anything works when you wrap it up. And if you’re scared of messing up, just be more generous with the cheese!

After wrapping my burritos, I like to put them back on the pan for less than a minute on each side for that added crisp.

If you’re unsure how to season the beef, or whatever meat you use, Walmart sells a delicious variety of taco seasoning so you can never go wrong with that!

Bean Burgers

I can’t tell you guys the amount of times I’ve made bean burgers. This has been a dish I fell in-love with back in my high-school vegan days. It’s so incredibly easy, and I love that if you use a whole can of beans, you have patties at the ready for the whole week!

There were so many days in college that I’d just whip up some bean burgers and store about 5 patties for the week and get creative! It’s such an easy dish and is extremely low-maintenance. You can pop these in the oven or sizzle them over the stove, you can use whatever buns (or sans-buns) of choice – you’re definitely missing out if you haven’t given this recipe a try!

Plus! Canned beans are super cheap and filled with awesome nutrients. (Another plus, you can put as much or as little added ingredients to this dish, really make it your own!) Aimee from aimeemars.com made the most mouth-watering bean burgers with spicy mayo!! I’m obsessed. Currently jotting down this recipe to make for the week!

 Eggplant Parmesan

I will be honest, I have not tried homemade Eggplant Parmesan recently but! I will say that this combo is delicious! The Minimalist Baker shows you how to make the best eggplant parmesan in the world! You can also opt out the eggplant and do chicken instead, it’s seriously all in the breading. You can also buy

breaded eggplant from Trader Joes, if you’d like! But seriously, this is such an easy dish that there was no way I couldn’t include it in here!

Balsamic Roasted Potatoes with Asparagus

Yep, I’m definitely going to hop on the ‘asparagus and potatoes’ bandwagon ’cause why the hell not! This is such an easy side dish to prepare and always comes out super delicious. For those of us who aren’t the best in the kitchen, this is so simple! Just make sure you cut the potatoes properly… ’cause apparently slicing them won’t be as good as cutting them in chunks if you’re putting them in the oven. Just a tid-bit of advice!

What I love about this side is that you can literally pair it with anythingWhether you’re cooking spaghetti, rice, chicken, salmon – this side is perfect! Our friends over at Wallflower Kitchen know what’s up! Just looking at this dish makes my mouth water.

Avocado Egg Rolls with Sweet Chili Sauce

Okay, okay… you’re probably thinking, what the heck!

My same thoughts exactly when I saw this come up on my feed — but give it a chance!!

I’ve been dying to make these.

I no longer have the luxury of ripe, delicious (and cheap) avocados now that I’m here in the PNW but I know for a fact these will be delicious.

I actually had my mom ship me avocados and I was so excited for this dish!

Sadly, once they got to me they were not in their best shape but I had the rest of the ingredients anyway so if you’re still unsure about adding avocado, worry not!

Egg rolls are super easy to make!

You can by the wraps from Walmart for just a couple of bucks and make egg rolls, fried wontons, you name it!

I got really creative after seeing this so I had made fried crab wontons, I even made some with rice!

My egg rolls the first time tasted more like fried, mini burritos (which, if you think about — they kind of are!) but came out delicious nonetheless.

This recipe from Julia at Savory Tooth definitely caught my eye and I can’t wait to get my hands on some avocados to try these out!


I hope you guys enjoyed this amazing (and certainly creative) selection of awesome dishes to make.

Which one are you thinking about making this week?

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