Book Review: The Hazel Wood by Melissa Albert

*Slight spoilers ahead!*

What you need to know:

Genre: Fantasy Fiction, Young Adult

Pages: 368

Release Date: January 30, 2018

Goodreads Overall Rating: 3.8/5

Would recommend? Yes! But with some thoughts, of course.

If we look at the review ratings on Goodreads alone, you might be thinking, Why should I even bother? And although I completely understand the hesitation, please, please hear me out. Overall, The Hazel Wood was a very interesting and fun read. Melissa Albert is a wonderful plotter and has a way of really allowing the reader to fully delve into the story. But of course, praise cannot come with its own set of issues. Which I do have. The Hazel Wood did have its moments, but there were many things I really liked. I found myself reading the book late at night feeling truly creeped out. Which, in my opinion (given the setting, of course) is a good thing!

But before we even get there. Let me tell you a bit about this book first.

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Most Anticipated Reads for 2018

The year of 2018 is officially the Year of Reading… at least for me it is! Not only have I given myself a goal of 52 books to read this year, I’m also diving head-first into my literary and publishing career. Given that I love reading new releases, I also love getting in the mood to find books that will ignite that fire in me and get me excited to read.

As you go on this journey with me, you’ll notice that I love to read a variety of genres. I used to solely read YA and when I tried going into Fiction, I ended up reading nothing, but now I’m up for reading anything!

I honestly just love a good story with strong plot and great follow-through. (I mean, don’t we all?) You’ll notice that the books I mention in this post are definitely a mix of all genres. We’ve got some Women’s Fiction, some Non-Fiction, some YA Fantasy… So without further ado, let’s get into my most anticipated reads of 2018!

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