Create a Positive Money Mindset for Success After College!

Taking control of your money and being self-sufficient is an incredibly freeing thing. Especially for those of us who are still in that in-between stage where we’re expected to be adults but still vaguely understand how to file our taxes. That’s what tax preparers are for, right?

Let’s face it. I’ve always been an incredibly frugal person. Cutting corners and purchasing the cheaper option was my go-to for a really long time. I’ve spent a lot of time over-analyzing my bank account and creating budgets on top of budgets to feel secure. Rarely would I allow myself to spend on myself, and if I did — yup, you guessed it: I’d go the cheaper route. In the end, I’d end up losing track of my budget plan and spending way too much on unnecessary things.

So how do we combat this and take control of our money?

Simple. It takes a little bit of time and tons of tweaking, but follow these steps and you will find yourself in a better place financially in just a couple of months!

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