Sticking to My Goals and Straying Away from Getting into a Rut | Weekly Reflection #3

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Not only am I coming to you guys on Wednesday with my weekly reflection, but I also have yet to stick to my 3 blog posts a week.

Even though that is still a goal of mine, I also have to realize that in order to reach our goals sometimes we have to fail, which at any other point of my life I would have thought that to be unfortunate. This time is a little different.

I’m actually glad for relaxing the later part of last week because by the time we got to Tuesday (aka yesterday) I was exhausted.

Not only is it winter and I’m in the PNW but I’m also such an introvert (and a Cancer, if you’re into astrology) that sometimes I just need some time to hole myself up in my apartment. In addition to my boyfriend and I just moving here, we’re also trying to keep up with being actual adults and doing boring stuff that we tend to leave out on Instagram. (I’m looking at you, messy section of piled up envelopes on my kitchen counter.)

Luckily, today we won’t be talking about that! Instead, we’re going to take a moment to reflect on what I felt yesterday and really understand what my body was telling me. Last week I was consistent with practicing yoga and meditating before bed. I also think I was pretty good at waking up somewhat earlier although I kind of fell off there Thursday and Friday (woke up at 9 am, roughly) since I was just lazing around those days ’cause I knew the weekend would be pretty killer.

I don’t think I ever really took into consideration the physical and mental weight that moving across country has on your body. I think that’s why I want to take advantage of whatever it is I’m feeling right now and focus on the good. This week has been a lot of that.

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