Book Review: The Hazel Wood by Melissa Albert

*Slight spoilers ahead!*

What you need to know:

Genre: Fantasy Fiction, Young Adult

Pages: 368

Release Date: January 30, 2018

Goodreads Overall Rating: 3.8/5

Would recommend? Yes! But with some thoughts, of course.

If we look at the review ratings on Goodreads alone, you might be thinking, Why should I even bother? And although I completely understand the hesitation, please, please hear me out. Overall, The Hazel Wood was a very interesting and fun read. Melissa Albert is a wonderful plotter and has a way of really allowing the reader to fully delve into the story. But of course, praise cannot come with its own set of issues. Which I do have. The Hazel Wood did have its moments, but there were many things I really liked. I found myself reading the book late at night feeling truly creeped out. Which, in my opinion (given the setting, of course) is a good thing!

But before we even get there. Let me tell you a bit about this book first.

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