Blogger Checklist: 5 Things Every Successful Blogger Should Do Before Clicking ‘Publish’ (Free Checklist!)

As you’re getting started with blogging, you want to first get in the mind of a blogger. What resources do they use? What tips do they follow? Do they have a particular schedule? Do they wear their comfiest pajamas to blog? Okay — maybe not that specific, but I think you get my point. With my blog posts, there are a few guidelines I like to follow before I am completely confident with my content and I know you do, too. But where do you track it all? What should you track!? From what I’ve observed throughout my research before getting started with my blog, and even now, I have noticed that many bloggers give themselves a checklist or guideline on what they should and must do before pushing ‘Publish.’

Allow me to shed some light, my fellow bloggers!

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