Sticking to My Goals and Straying Away from Getting into a Rut | Weekly Reflection #3

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Not only am I coming to you guys on Wednesday with my weekly reflection, but I also have yet to stick to my 3 blog posts a week.

Even though that is still a goal of mine, I also have to realize that in order to reach our goals sometimes we have to fail, which at any other point of my life I would have thought that to be unfortunate. This time is a little different.

I’m actually glad for relaxing the later part of last week because by the time we got to Tuesday (aka yesterday) I was exhausted.

Not only is it winter and I’m in the PNW but I’m also such an introvert (and a Cancer, if you’re into astrology) that sometimes I just need some time to hole myself up in my apartment. In addition to my boyfriend and I just moving here, we’re also trying to keep up with being actual adults and doing boring stuff that we tend to leave out on Instagram. (I’m looking at you, messy section of piled up envelopes on my kitchen counter.)

Luckily, today we won’t be talking about that! Instead, we’re going to take a moment to reflect on what I felt yesterday and really understand what my body was telling me. Last week I was consistent with practicing yoga and meditating before bed. I also think I was pretty good at waking up somewhat earlier although I kind of fell off there Thursday and Friday (woke up at 9 am, roughly) since I was just lazing around those days ’cause I knew the weekend would be pretty killer.

I don’t think I ever really took into consideration the physical and mental weight that moving across country has on your body. I think that’s why I want to take advantage of whatever it is I’m feeling right now and focus on the good. This week has been a lot of that.

I’ve been keeping up with my gratitude log, waking up and working during Golden Hour for anything freelance related and today I did yoga during my break which was pretty cool! Although I’ve been waking up roughly around 7:00-7:30 rather than my 6 am goal, I do think I’m slowly getting there. Today I do have to admit, I slept a teeny bit past my 6:45 alarm but I did it and slowly got up.

Yep, I was in my bed for a good 20 minutes on Pinterest before I go up. I have to get better at this. Slowly but surely!

Last week I talked about how my Word of the Year is patience, I think I’ve been focusing a lot of that these past couple of days. Not just patience, but intention. Practicing yoga and meditating with intention, eating with intention. Which is interesting.

With that being said, yesterday I had a mini breakdown.

It was after work and I just felt so overwhelmed and exhausted. I was getting myself nervous about going to the island this week, even though (at the time) it was just a few days away. I was letting myself focus on any negative thought that came up. Even though at the moment you just want to give in and throw yourself a pity-party, you shouldn’t. It takes some strength but focusing on the positive and a little cry to let out some frustration doesn’t hurt either.

Something that I did that I would definitely recommend is to just recognize your frustration and the feeling of being overwhelmed, take a few deep breaths, and remind yourself of what your grateful for or just even repeat a few positive affirmations in your head. I know, when we’re feeling frustrated or annoyed the last thing we want to do is be reasonable, but seriously, do it. 

It’s either taking a moment to reflect or allowing ourselves to fall into negative thinking, which doesn’t help us at all.

Negative thinking might seem small, but it’s so much more powerful than we think. It forces us to spend our energy on feeling sorry for ourselves rather than just recognizing what is happening, and letting it go knowing that things will get resolved.

I was feeling particularly overwhelmed because I had work and focusing on my freelance, even though I knew that my time for work is set in stone and I was hitting my morning goals to complete my freelance tasks on time. Sometimes we allow ourselves to get anxious and fester in that negative energy so that before we know it, we’re right back at square one even though in reality, we’re so much more ahead than we really think. I used to notice that whenever I was feeling really, really good about myself, I somehow would fall back into this pool of negative emotions. I would be in there so deep and allow myself to focus on negative thoughts to the point that they were intrusive and all I could do was just wallow and hope that some spark of motivation would lead me to the light again.

I don’t want to go back there, and I know you don’t either.

That’s why focusing on what you’re grateful for or even just talking it out is so important. You’re able to recognize what you’re feeling and know that it’s already been taken care of. Focusing on the good rather than the bad allows you to clear up space for something positive because of the fact that you haven’t even given the negative a moment of your time.

What’s causing us to feel anxious or overwhelmed may not be resolved right then and there, but by giving yourself the opportunity to focus on the good, you’re allowing space for resolve to come in.

We have to remember, our minds are extremely powerful. Even if we don’t even realize it, just one negative thought will lead you down a rabbit hole. If you’re reading this and you’re feeling down or unmotivated, give yourself a chance to focus on the good. Write down what you’re grateful for before going to bed and doing the same when you wake up, three things are more than enough. Focus on positive affirmations. One positive thought then leads to another, then to another, and… you get my point. When we focus on the good, we give ourselves the opportunity to attract good things to us — whatever that may mean to you.

Start meditating and invite yoga into your life. There’s something so peaceful about mindfully making space in your heart and in your mind.

Although I was feeling a bit down yesterday, I allowed myself to let out a little cry and figure out the why. I knew me being overwhelmed was just in my head, so I recognized that and let it go. I lit some incense and made some yummy food before getting on the mat and practicing some yoga. During my time on the mat, just those twenty minutes made me feel so much better and allowed me to make space for the positive. To the point that I took a shower and was already in bed by 8:30 pm!!

Even though I didn’t start my meditation or actually fall asleep around my usual 9:30 pm, I let my mind rest. Instead of getting on my laptop and frantically watching YouTube videos on how to make my blog better (or even worse, mindlessly watching other YouTubers doing stuff I wish I was doing) I was instead laying in bed, reading my Kindle.

Sometimes our minds just need to rest and if we don’t listen to our bodies and give ourselves what we know we need rather than what we want then making space for the good is going to be more of a challenge for you. If I hadn’t allowed myself rest yesterday, I would have put out a shitty reflection post and wouldn’t have realized what I realized with you guys just now today.

What I want you to take out of this, and better yet, what I want myself to take out of this is to just recognize whatever it is I’m feeling at that moment and not necessarily seek a solution right away, but remind myself that it will get resolved one way or another because we are strong.

I hope this helps you in any way, I know it helped me a lot!

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