Spring Skincare Routine

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I’m a very simple gal, especially when it comes to my skincare. Being that I’m in a completely different climate and actually experiencing seasons, my skin has reacted so differently than before. I’ve been noticing that my skin needs more moisture and has been more oily/dry combo than anything else. Due to this, I’m super careful with the moisturizers I use since I hate that heavy feeling many moisturizers give. I’ve also been breaking out more often than usual which I’ve surmised to a.) not drinking enough water and b.) the food I’m eating.

I am more of the DIY-skincare type so I’m all about tea tree, coconut oil… I think you get where I’m going.  That will very much shine true in my current skincare routine but I’m still tweaking it as I go and notice how my skin reacts to certain products. Like always, if you have any recommendations or want to share your current skincare routine/story, let me know in the comments! I’d love to hear what you have to say.

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I used to work at a spa and my favorite part in facials was getting my face steamed. Although I don’t have a steamer, the next best thing is a super warm towel. I just get a small hand towel (I bought a couple from the Dollar Store, so check that out) and run it under the tap – make sure the water is HOT! Depending on how hot I get the water, I’ll wait a couple of seconds before bringing the towel to my face and just let it sit there for a little. This is also super relaxing during my night routine so don’t miss out! Maybe even add some lavender if it’s nighttime or like orange zest if you’re adding this step into your morning routine. That just sounds divine!


Many times I do double cleanse. I like to use the Shea Moisture Black African Soap. I find that it’s super gentle and I love that it foams. My skin always feels squeaky clean right after. I also use coconut oil as a cleanser/makeup remover. To remove any makeup, I’ll take a little bit of coconut oil and work that into my skin This starts to break down my makeup and any dirt buildup while also bringing in moisture and cleansing my skin. After that, I’ll wash my face and use the soap. I just recently bought one of the exfoliating brushes from TJ Maxx just to see how I would like it before I buy the Vanity Planet one and I really do like it. This one was only $5 so it sucks but I like the concept of it so I’m definitely going to be getting the Vanity Planet one soon.

I like to do coconut oil first, wash and dry my skin, then the soap and work it in with the brush. This helps my skin sooooo much. I think I’ve gotten the cleansing part down on lock. Yes, it’s probably not the traditional way to double cleanse but it works for me.

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I’m going to be honest, I haven’t done the mask part in a while. If you follow me on Twitter, you’ll have read my skincare rant where I raved about bentonite clay. So many people raved about this for the longest, and seriously, it’s amazing.

Sadly, as much as I love this product I also haven’t been able to use it since I reacted really badly to it (although I’m pretty sure it was the ELF mask…) this past winter. I honestly think it was a mixture of things, I also ran out of ACV and I don’t like this mask with water plus I had a shitty moisturizer so I’m sure my skin just got really dry from the weather and irritated from the harsh products. Who knows! All that I know is that this seriously helped me with really bad bumps I had on my forehead this past summer. It also helps if you have large pores and blackheads. Also! If you suffer with bumps that form under your skin, not so much acne but like bumps that most of the time don’t have a visible whitehead or are soon-to-be blackheads.

It’s still my #1 though.

QUICK TIP: Once you finish with your mask or the step before you start putting products that are going to stay on (toner, serums, creams etc.) make sure to splash cold water on your face to help close up your pores.







I’ve always been a fan of toners because it helped me with my bumps, spots, and most importantly, blackheads. I also love how refreshing toners make my skin feel. I’ve tried a couple of different toners before finally settling on witch hazel toner. *heart eyes* I currently use the brand Humphreys but I’ve also heard great things about Thayers.  I love this toner!! It’s amazing and if you use a cotton pad you get to see everything that it removes. Dirt, leftover makeup, blackheads/whiteheads. It also helps with clearing acne and lighting acne spots.

I normally break out around that time of the month or when I’m eating really bad and it almost always shows up around my cheeks and chin. With this toner I’m able to put some on a cotton pad and wipe it over my skin, focusing on the areas where acne is most prominent, and it really helps with keeping the acne at bay. Since it is an astringent it really does clean your skin really well. If you’re into keeping it natural, witch hazel toner is a great option.

QUICK TIP: Check out your local TJ Maxx skincare aisle. I bought my bottle for $9.99 at Wal-Mart *eye roll* and saw it a few days after at TJ Maxx for about $6.00!


Okay, so this part I’m still having a bit of trouble on. I’ve been using facial lotions like Cetaphil and now Aveeno because I honestly don’t know what to do. They all claim to be “oil-free” but yo girl is even more oily afterward! If that’s even possible. I tried something out last night and noticed that the Aveeno lotion is really good at night. I got this one because it has SPF 30 and I have freckles so that’s something that is important for me, I just can’t put too much of it during the day (even at night) ‘cause I’ll just grease up.

A few things that I’m doing is waiting for it to dry before putting my glasses on, or just wearing contacts when I use this moisturizer. I also used it last night and although I went to sleep feeling greasy, my skin felt so nice this morning. My skin also burns a bit after putting it on so I honestly don’t think this was a right fit for me.

If you have any moisturizer recommendations, please let me know! I really just want something that my skin can drink up, keeps me hydrated and helps my skin look plump. I don’t wear makeup that often so keeping a natural, clear face is a big plus for me. I’m also thinking about adding some serums or oils from The Ordinary but I feel like I need to get my basic skincare routine down-packed before I go adding more products that I won’t even know how to use!

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I don’t know why I’ve been waiting so long but I’m definitely getting one of the many Mario Bradesco facial sprays. I’m loving the rose toner but the lavender or even the cucumber feel like they would be great options. I’m stuck between rose or cucumber during the day but I’m definitely getting the lavender for nighttime. I love the concept of doing certain routines at night to get my body ready for sleep and lavender is like the cherry on top for me.


As I mentioned, I’m definitely going to be looking more into what products I should get from The Ordinary. I have a few in my cart but I want to make sure I get the products and steps that I need to benefit the most from serums and oils before buying the serums and oils. Does that make sense? I hope so!


  • TONE


  • MASK

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I know the biggest issue for me (aside from figuring out the best routine) is getting my diet on point. My body has been craving more water and whole foods so I’m trying to feed in and listen to that as closely as possible. I’m looking at purchasing one of those fake S’well water bottles from TJ Maxx. (I see you, TJ!) Since many of them are like 24 oz. and that’s more than enough for me to get my drinking-water game up. It’s funny because my mom buys so many water bottles so I’m used to having water bottles at the ready but now that we just use a water filter at our apartment, it’s been harder to keep track but I’m getting there!

I hope this helps you some! I think looking at other people’s skincare routines while they’re still a work in progress are always fun. I love watching Estée Lalonde and Allana’s skincare routines (I’ll link below which you should watch). I think theirs are my favorite since I keep a pretty simple makeup routine and so do they, but in order to use less makeup, your skincare & diet have to be on point. The only thing is that they use more luxurious products, but if it all does the same then it shouldn’t matter!

Make sure to follow me on IG as I’ll be updating my skincare routine on IG stories as my products and steps change. As always, leave recommendations and your skincare story in the comments!

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