Movin’ From Home Blues

How to Fight Homesickness and Conquer the World!

I’m a Miami girl born and raised, growing up I always wished to move – but boy, little did I know that homesickness would hit me hard. After a week of having the flu mixed in with terrible homesickness, I was able to finally reflect on these past couple of months and what I want out of my life moving forward.

Allow me to share with you a few tips on how I’m *currently* fighting homesickness and using it as a way to encourage and motivate myself to reach my goals.

This last September I did the craziest thing in my life –  I moved across country with my beloved partner and our Corgi!

The weeks before me leaving were tough, but I had an awesome support system around me *including* my boyfriend. I honestly don’t know how I wouldn’t have done any of this without him.

Although I was scared to leave everything I knew, I was also excited for something different. Once we made it to Washington and began settling down was when the magnitude of what we just did. I wanted different, but this was just all too different. I felt a pang of guilt for leaving my life back home but I also knew that this was something we had to do, and not just that, I knew that doing this was going to make us better as individuals and as partners.

Everything always feels good until it doesn’t, and that’s kind of what happened to me a few weeks ago! Whenever I’d start feeling homesick, I had to keep reminding myself why we did this but there are going to be times where all we think about is back home.

I’m not going to lie, my days filled with homesick and anxiety I was a wreck but I’ve noticed that with every down fall, there’s only going up from there – and that’s where we are now!

With a few weeks under my belt and these life-changing tips, I was able to slowly start feeling better and was able to begin welcoming the fact that this is my new home.x

Build a routine

Adding consistency back into your life after a crazy move is something I cannot stress enough. A part of coping with homesickness is allowing yourself to settle in and build a routine.

Getting back into the grove of things can be hard – trust me, I totally get it. It will take some time but you will get there!

I work from home, so there are many days of the week that I just spend in my house and don’t leave. This is a good and bad thing and is one of the reasons I was feeling homesick. I wasn’t leaving the house, a part of me was kind of getting cabin fever, not gonna lie.

Aside from exploring your town when you can, which I will get into, building a routine at home is a great start. I’d wake up a few hours before my boyfriend, so instead of sitting in the living room in silence, I’d turn on the podcast, do the dishes, start up on a pot of coffee… little things to kind of distract me from the quiet.

This helped so much! Of course, you may choose your favorite TV show or music, little distractions while trying to keep productive not just helps pass the time, but you’ll feel so much better after!

Which brings me to…

Decorate your home

Start from the inside out. When it comes to working on yourself, always start from the inside out. In this sense, we can decorate. Not only does this help pass the time, you’ll be able to make things feel more like home and most importantly, yours!

Use your home as a source of inspiration! Honestly, the best part about living away from your childhood home is that you’re able to treat your new home like a clean slate!

Once we moved in, I couldn’t stop thinking of all the different ways I could spruce up the home. Candles, pretty blankets, the whole-9.

Before you say anything, moving in general is expensive so don’t beat yourself up if you can’t get to this right away! Of course, getting the essentials is a must but getting that marble side table or golden light scones might not be #1 on the priority list.

Instead, focus on little things like getting a few candles or maybe a pretty tray from the Dollar Store or a few pieces of art to hang up. Feed yourself and your home with happiness and things that may you happy.

If we’re being honest, there is still sooo many additions to my place that I still haven’t gotten to but I’m using it as a chance to really plan the look of my space, and you can start this way, too!

Cozy up the place with your favorite scents and cuddle up with the yummiest tea you can find, ’cause you deserve it!

Explore your new city

A huge factor in me feeling homesick was caused because I was barely getting out of the house! With having the flu that same week and the weather on the fritz (it snowed for the first time that week, sooo yeah… it was cold), there just wasn’t any way I could explore the city.

Lets just say, I was bummed.

When shit hits the fan and throws that routine you’ve been working so hard on out of wack, you just have to shake off the dust and keep moving forward.

Which was exactly what I did. Or tried.

Even if it’s to walk around at the mall or take your dog to the park, anything to get you out of the house and surround yourself with fresh air will not only make you feel better, but also gets you acclimated to your new home!

Reminder: Friends and family are just a phone or video call away!

Repeat after me: Technology is amazing!! Decades ago, if you were feeling homesick you just had to cry yourself to sleep ’till you started feeling better – now, we have cellphones with cameras! How crazy!?

Okay, but seriously – Facetime your friends and family. Just do it. If you’re ever feeling sad or feeling out of place, give that one person who you know would make you feel better a call.

Even if it’s just to talk shit or to really just let it all out, that familiarity is going to make you feel 100x better.

I’m super lucky to have had Anthony this whole time because he was a rock while I was just crumbling. What also helps is talking to those who have been in similar situations as you.

My sister just previously moved and a good friend of mine moved away for college. These amazing sources were just a phone call or text away and boy, did I need it.

Once my flu started dwindling down and I was feeling a bit better, I felt like I was finally able to feel at ease.

Sometimes we just need to cry it out before we feel better, and that’s okay!

Plan out your goals

When I feel motivated, I love to just plan things out. If you’re feeling homesick, remind yourself of why you moved and what your goals looked like before moving.

Don’t lose sight of what is important. Moving *especially across country* is extremely daunting, stressful, and everything in between – but you did it for a reason.

Whatever reason that is, make sure you remind yourself of it everyday.

Sometimes it’s easy to feel selfish or guilty for moving away from what you knew, but you did it for a reason and it’s got to be a damn good one to make such a life change.

Relish in that, pride yourself in how much of a badass you are for making that jump and taking the sacrifice.

This is a time for you to grow so bring out your planner, journal, notepad, heck – a napkin! Just write out every reason why you moved and keep that as a reminder of what you’re capable of.

Work out your current goals and plan for the future.

This is your new home and you’re going to shine.

Cook up your favorite comfort foods

When all else fails, eat!

Comfort food never fails. Strangely enough, I was craving Cuban food sooo badly. (I have a hate/love relationship with Cuban food but you honestly to know what you have until its gone… me rn.)

While I was sick Anthony made me mashed potatoes for at least three days straight. This is what my mom would give me whenever I was feeling pretty bad since it’s a.) delicious and b.) actually settles in my stomach.

We also made Mexican-inspired dishes and started getting more creative in the kitchen!

Again, take some time to feed your inside… with delicious food!

Not only do you not have to worry about spending crazy amount of money with fast food to then feel guilty afterwards, but you’re able to be pro-active and dedicate some time on something fun!

Disclaimer: You do not have to be a chef to have a good time in the kitchen. Trust me. Like, seriously. Trust me.

Cooking should be fun! Inspire yourself with some MasterChef or Great British Baking Show, rev up them fryers and get to cookin’!

Give yourself time

Like everything else in life, this shit takes time. If we’re being honest, I’m now starting to feel more at home. Being away from my mom is especially difficult, but space is good and we all need to grow up eventually!

This past week, I enjoyed some time in the city with my love, we had amazing food and an even more amazing time.

Keeping in mind why we moved in the first place helps keep me sane. Also, incorporating a regular routine and just chilling the fuck out helps.

Take this time to not focus on the loneliness, but to focus on yourself.

Although I missed home, I also needed to remember why I left and what I wanted out of myself. Kept my goals in check and tried to focus on myself, my goals, and being happy.

Bing watch your favorite shows, listen to some awesome music or podcasts, and explore this new environment you’re in. Don’t get caught up in all the things from back home that were stopping you from doing you.

Really step it into gear and kick ass! ‘Cause you’re a bad ass bitch who can conquer anything you put your mind to.

Want more tips and advice on moving from home and adulting? Bookmark this blog as there will be more to come!

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