How Does Mindfulness Lead to Success?

Self-care is important. Whether it’s quick mini-meditations each morning to your weekly Sunday bath – it’s about time you put yourself on the top of your list of priorities.

As a woman, at times we may feel like we can’t do certain things (like taking care of ourselves and putting ourselves first!) but don’t let the noise put you down. Whether you have kids, are in school, or anywhere in between – let’s dive deeper into ways that we can put ourselves first and still be successful.

Your success relies on your well-being

No matter what type of job you have or field you’re in, you can’t work at your highest quality if you’re feeling low. If you’re not putting your health first, everything will get pushed behind and your work to-do list is bound to get screwed up.

Ask yourself: How important is success if I’m not happy?

We want to be successful so we can lavish in the great things we can enjoy, that was more of a luxury during the hustle. Like Gary Vee says, it’s the journey, not the finish line.

Many of us think that if we have this, or if we look like that then we’ll be happy. We’ll spend our whole lives searching for this idealistic version of happiness and once we’re there it’s like, now what? Enjoy the journey by putting yourself first.

If you are trying to tackle your to-do list but can’t seem to focus, maybe it’s time for a break – whatever the is to you at that moment in time.

More than likely, by giving your mind a break, you’ll feel more motivated and energized to get back to your tasks at hand.

Focus on basic needs

If your college experience was anything like mine, your psychology professor honed in Maslow’s hierarchy of needs.

And I’m not mad about it!

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Taking a look at the hierarchy of needs is an easy way to remind us how we should take care of ourselves on a daily basis. Our basic needs can be anything from taking a good ol’ nap or going to bed early. Start your days with a nice glass of water – a squeeze of lemon won’t hurt!

Once we meet our basic needs, we have to meet our psychological needs. Many times we like to skip our psychological needs and go straight to our self-fulfillment needs. If that’s something you do, then stop! 

Don’t feel guilty for taking care of yourself!

Once you’ve taken care of yourself, it will be so much easier to reach your goals.

Reference to what I said above – if you aren’t focusing on your self and your health, everything else is going to fall behind. Science proves it!

Practice mindfulness on a daily basis

Just like we wake up and brush our teeth, we should be incorporating some sort of act of mindfulness in that routine of ours. Practicing mindfulness takes practice, it won’t come easy for all of us. It certainly doesn’t for me! Like all things when working on ourselves, we have to be consistent. And that’s exactly what has to happen here.

A few ways to practice mindfulness…

  • Meditate (doesn’t have to be anything super crazy long, can be a few minutes! just as long as it’s done every day!)
  • Be present (may sound a little ~woowoo~ but listen… this works! ask Oprah! if you’re washing the dishes, tell yourself i’m washing the dishes or i’m putting the fork in the cupboard, i’m typing on the keyboard)
  • Go for a walk
  • Empty your mind (I overthink a lot. I’m a cancer sign so it’s in our nature. I always tend to think about where I want to be, or the version I would like to be – which is terrible! Daydreaming is totally fine, but not if it’s obsessive and takes you away from your actual goals. Something I’ve been practicing a lot is to be present. Emptying my mind and focusing on the now is how I can achieve my goals and enjoy the journey!)

Hopefully, these tips helped you in some way. Just remember, it takes practice! The more you work towards your goals, whether it be for a few minutes or a whole afternoon, consistency is key! And yes, working on your goals also includes taking care of yourself!

What are some ways YOU practice mindfulness to succeed and reach your goals?

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