As We’re Setting Goals for 2018, Let’s Reflect on 2017

Happy New Years!

I have high hopes for 2018, I think 2017 started out a little rocky and 2016 ended… even more rocky.

A few ways that today, January 8th, 2018 is different than January 8th, 2017 is the following…

This is my first year that I’m not enrolled into school. (Year of Summer 2017!! …anyone?)

I’m working full-time at my current job.

My remote internship at a literary agency turned into a freelancing gig in the same state.

In 2017, I had never driven across country with my boyfriend and our corgi…

In 2018, I can proudly say that I have.

Which was an amazing experience by the way!

I’m living away from where I grew up, my home, my family, my mom.

It’s been tough these holidays being away from family.

Not just that, but I feel like I’ve transformed (is morphed too intense?) just these past couple of months since moving.

What’s crazy is that this whole time I’ve been waiting for January and now that January’s here, not only do I have a sense of pressure, like what’s so special about January?

But I’m also questioning myself, ‘Why did I wait!?!’

A lot of people were telling me that once I’d get settled in, everything would fall into place.

For some reason, I kept telling myself, ‘January. January will be enough time to start feeling settled and gain more stability.’

… Well, now we’re in January, so let’s fucking do it!

I’m already starting to feel a bit better. Like I mentioned, the holidays were pretty rough for me.

A month into us moving into a new city, it’s Thanksgiving.

We did hit Thanksgiving hard tho, not gonna lie~

I recently did something as small as moving my desk and my mood has completely shifted.

Although this past week has been more rough than most given that a very close family member of mine has recently passed, I’m also trying to think of it in a positive light, too.

Our lives are incredibly precious.

We have goals and aspirations and dreams that are valid and should be reached.

Being that this is my first year that I’m not in school and I’m in a completely different stage in my life, I need to adapt.

Apart of me didn’t want to, I’m going to be honest.

I was using the holidays as an excuse to be lazy and preoccupy myself with other things would stray me away from my goals.

I was allowing myself to get overwhelmed by little things and not do things that I knew benefitted me in a positive light.

Like overthinking rather than actually doing, not committing to yoga and meditating daily, getting sucked into social media.

These are all aspects of my life that I intend on changing. I used to always say, “Well, I can do this because I’m too busy with school” or any other excuse I could think of.

No more.

Now I really don’t have any excuses to not be consistent.

I finally have the time and ability to dedicate full-force to my career goals.

I have a couple of resolutions (sounds better than goals, I get it) that I intend to accomplish this year, while others are long-term life goals that I plan to build a foundation for this year.

Lets start with the latter.

  • Start gaining a passive income through freelancing
  • Expand my knowledge about the publishing industry and digital marketing
  • Get more hands-on experience with the publishing process
  • Build my business in addition to my own personal blog and other social platforms

Now, lets expand on those a bit of things I will actually be working towards this year.

  • Launch my new *secret business project* in 6 months
    • Actually create a date for that
  • Revisit my branding for Sincerely, Steph.
    • mid-February
  • Post 2 blogs/week, lifestyle & literature related.
  • Post 2 videos/week on my YouTube channel, more literature related.
  • Read 50 books this year.
  • Read 5 books about publishing industry (currently working on book 2/5)
  • Work in person at the agency 2-3x a month.

Now, lets expand even deeper for what I can get started on right now.

  • Wake up on week-days at 7:30am
  • Wake up on weekends at 5:15am (I work at 6am…)
  • Gain more stability at my job by being more:
    • Focused
    • Determined
    • Goal-Oriented
      • These past couple months were a bit more difficult and threw me out of wack due to my graduation, my move, and the holidays.
  • Not be so consumed in social media when I could be reading, working on my blog, freelancing, and the like.
  • Be more accountable for reaching my goals.
  • More doing, less thinking.
  • Be less in my head.
  • Practice yoga daily.
  • Mediate daily.
  • Read at least 1 book a week.
  • Create a realistic morning and evening routine.
  • Be more environmentally sustainable and mindful.

That’s all, folks!

Haha, looking back at it all I’m low-key getting a migraine but I also feel like I’m always going to be giving myself goals like this and I need to stick to my word and commit to making time for them.

It’s not all making time but also adjusting my mindset and things that I adapt to doing subconsciously.

I know that if I keep doing something without thinking about it, like waking up early or practicing yoga then I can stick to it.

I’ve done it before, I’m just too in my head that I end up talking myself out of being consistent someway or how.

This year will be the year of less thinking and more doing, I’m going to be in a lot of situations that are going to be different for me career and social-wise that I might as well just prepare for success now.

I need to find a way to be more accountable for my goals, so if you guys have any recommendations – let me know!

I’ve been trying out bullet journaling for the past year but I feel like I need something digital or already pre-made for me but in a way that will work for me.

Might just make my own, seriously.

Now, let’s just stick to one goal at at time and get our yoga on!

I will catch up, even if that means doing two in one day!

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