Spring Skincare Routine

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I’m a very simple gal, especially when it comes to my skincare. Being that I’m in a completely different climate and actually experiencing seasons, my skin has reacted so differently than before. I’ve been noticing that my skin needs more moisture and has been more oily/dry combo than anything else. Due to this, I’m super careful with the moisturizers I use since I hate that heavy feeling many moisturizers give. I’ve also been breaking out more often than usual which I’ve surmised to a.) not drinking enough water and b.) the food I’m eating.

I am more of the DIY-skincare type so I’m all about tea tree, coconut oil… I think you get where I’m going.  That will very much shine true in my current skincare routine but I’m still tweaking it as I go and notice how my skin reacts to certain products. Like always, if you have any recommendations or want to share your current skincare routine/story, let me know in the comments! I’d love to hear what you have to say.

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Book Review: The Hazel Wood by Melissa Albert

*Slight spoilers ahead!*

What you need to know:

Genre: Fantasy Fiction, Young Adult

Pages: 368

Release Date: January 30, 2018

Goodreads Overall Rating: 3.8/5

Would recommend? Yes! But with some thoughts, of course.

If we look at the review ratings on Goodreads alone, you might be thinking, Why should I even bother? And although I completely understand the hesitation, please, please hear me out. Overall, The Hazel Wood was a very interesting and fun read. Melissa Albert is a wonderful plotter and has a way of really allowing the reader to fully delve into the story. But of course, praise cannot come with its own set of issues. Which I do have. The Hazel Wood did have its moments, but there were many things I really liked. I found myself reading the book late at night feeling truly creeped out. Which, in my opinion (given the setting, of course) is a good thing!

But before we even get there. Let me tell you a bit about this book first.

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Create a Positive Money Mindset for Success After College!

Taking control of your money and being self-sufficient is an incredibly freeing thing. Especially for those of us who are still in that in-between stage where we’re expected to be adults but still vaguely understand how to file our taxes. That’s what tax preparers are for, right?

Let’s face it. I’ve always been an incredibly frugal person. Cutting corners and purchasing the cheaper option was my go-to for a really long time. I’ve spent a lot of time over-analyzing my bank account and creating budgets on top of budgets to feel secure. Rarely would I allow myself to spend on myself, and if I did — yup, you guessed it: I’d go the cheaper route. In the end, I’d end up losing track of my budget plan and spending way too much on unnecessary things.

So how do we combat this and take control of our money?

Simple. It takes a little bit of time and tons of tweaking, but follow these steps and you will find yourself in a better place financially in just a couple of months!

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Blogger Checklist: 5 Things Every Successful Blogger Should Do Before Clicking ‘Publish’ (Free Checklist!)

As you’re getting started with blogging, you want to first get in the mind of a blogger. What resources do they use? What tips do they follow? Do they have a particular schedule? Do they wear their comfiest pajamas to blog? Okay — maybe not that specific, but I think you get my point. With my blog posts, there are a few guidelines I like to follow before I am completely confident with my content and I know you do, too. But where do you track it all? What should you track!? From what I’ve observed throughout my research before getting started with my blog, and even now, I have noticed that many bloggers give themselves a checklist or guideline on what they should and must do before pushing ‘Publish.’

Allow me to shed some light, my fellow bloggers!

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How I Feel After Attending a Networking Event, and What I Aim To Do Better | Reflection #4

Alright. Yep. Let’s just get it out there.

I haven’t been meeting my posting goals and I’m not sorry.

Yup. You heard me right. Not sorry.

Okay. Maybe I am… just a little?

Let me explain. Last week was such a mentally exhausting week for me and this week has been just as bad. Except, somewhat refreshing? Kind of like when you were a kid at your friend’s house and hit that threshold where it’s just past your bedtime but you’re pushing through, feeling somewhat delusional ’cause you just wanna have fun? Yep. I’m here in the midst of that.

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Sticking to My Goals and Straying Away from Getting into a Rut | Weekly Reflection #3

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Not only am I coming to you guys on Wednesday with my weekly reflection, but I also have yet to stick to my 3 blog posts a week.

Even though that is still a goal of mine, I also have to realize that in order to reach our goals sometimes we have to fail, which at any other point of my life I would have thought that to be unfortunate. This time is a little different.

I’m actually glad for relaxing the later part of last week because by the time we got to Tuesday (aka yesterday) I was exhausted.

Not only is it winter and I’m in the PNW but I’m also such an introvert (and a Cancer, if you’re into astrology) that sometimes I just need some time to hole myself up in my apartment. In addition to my boyfriend and I just moving here, we’re also trying to keep up with being actual adults and doing boring stuff that we tend to leave out on Instagram. (I’m looking at you, messy section of piled up envelopes on my kitchen counter.)

Luckily, today we won’t be talking about that! Instead, we’re going to take a moment to reflect on what I felt yesterday and really understand what my body was telling me. Last week I was consistent with practicing yoga and meditating before bed. I also think I was pretty good at waking up somewhat earlier although I kind of fell off there Thursday and Friday (woke up at 9 am, roughly) since I was just lazing around those days ’cause I knew the weekend would be pretty killer.

I don’t think I ever really took into consideration the physical and mental weight that moving across country has on your body. I think that’s why I want to take advantage of whatever it is I’m feeling right now and focus on the good. This week has been a lot of that.

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How to Manifest a Morning Routine That Works for You

It’s been told to us time and time again: In order to be successful, we must wake up early.

If I could relate myself to any person when I even remotely hear this line, bah humbug!

Seriously, though — I am not a morning person at all.

When I was in high school, I used to bribe myself to wake up early by promising myself a nap right when I got home.

Which never happened, by the way — but it was a nice thought.

Although the idea of going to sleep early is incredibly pleasing, these past few weeks I’ve tried (and failed) one too many times to wake up early.

I began realizing that I needed to give myself an intention, Why am I waking up early? 

Yeah, it’s nice and I’d have more time in my day but my schedule is so crazy that just it giving me more time to my day wasn’t enough.

Whenever we’re looking at things we want to happen, giving yourself a reason to back up that want is going to make it so much easier to actually manifest it.

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Staying Grounded, Being Patient, and Enjoying the Ride | Weekly Reflection #2

Can you guys believe we are already half-way into the month!?!

It’s so crazy.

Last week, I posted my New Year’s resolution and a part of that resolution was to start posting 3 times a week.

Which had me thinking, what the heck am I going to write?!

Although I can’t say which days of the week I’ll be posting those three times (still trying to feel it out), I can tell you this, each week we’ll be touching upon a particular theme: Weekly Reflection, Literature, and Lifestyle.

Since I’m currently working towards being my own ~*girl boss*~ each theme is going to be incredibly insightful and filled with amazing topics, so be excited!!

Being that it’s the beginning of the week, today’s post is going to be our Weekly Reflection.

So without further ado, let’s get started!

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5 Fun, Easy, and Delicious Dishes That Will Save Your Twenties

As I’m reaching adulthood, I’m starting to realize that I enjoy routines and being a home-body much more than I thought. With having my own place, I’m noticing that these menial day-to-day tasks surprisingly help root me — and although obligatory — I’m starting to actually… enjoy them.

Blah. Enjoy laundry? Enjoy cooking? Enjoy sleeping early? Well, yeah! Mostly because I have to enjoy them, but also because I want to.

I’ve always loved baking but never really cared for actually cooking. I always found it much more stressful than anything else… Quick info about me, I’m a Grade-A multi-tasker with an extremely small attention span… so yeah, I’ve left many pots on they’re own to only end up burning rice, like who does that!?

Luckily, those days are long gone… (fingers crossed!)

But now that I’m away from home and in a completely different environment, there are some meals that bring me back to Miami like arroz con pollo or pan con bistec. And although I don’t know how to make the second one that well, I make some mean arroz con pollo! Being away from comfort foods that our parents would make us can be hard, but I’m trying to see it as more of a challenge to learn how to master those meals and make my momma proud!

Sadly, not every evening calls for hours worth in the kitchen. Sometimes we’re a bit more rushed than we’d like to be or just not inspired. I totally get it. I’ve been there, literally yesterday I was too tired to cook and ended up just popping in some frozen steak fries and popcorn chicken in the oven and called it a day!

I must also say I’m blessed to have such a chill boyfriend. We’re always up for anything, and last night he knew I was exhausted so fries and frozen chicken it is! On the same token, I want to be inspired to cook awesome meals that are healthy and delicious but also easy ’cause your girl isn’t always the best in the kitchen. Of course, like many of us — Pinterest (and Youtube) is my go-to when I’m looking for meals to inspire me and before I ramble on for too long…

Here are my favorite, go-to easy dishes we should all have in our arsenal in our twenties.

Whether you’re trying to make it to Master Chef or find excitement with your meals – I’ve got you covered!

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Most Anticipated Reads for 2018

The year of 2018 is officially the Year of Reading… at least for me it is! Not only have I given myself a goal of 52 books to read this year, I’m also diving head-first into my literary and publishing career. Given that I love reading new releases, I also love getting in the mood to find books that will ignite that fire in me and get me excited to read.

As you go on this journey with me, you’ll notice that I love to read a variety of genres. I used to solely read YA and when I tried going into Fiction, I ended up reading nothing, but now I’m up for reading anything!

I honestly just love a good story with strong plot and great follow-through. (I mean, don’t we all?) You’ll notice that the books I mention in this post are definitely a mix of all genres. We’ve got some Women’s Fiction, some Non-Fiction, some YA Fantasy… So without further ado, let’s get into my most anticipated reads of 2018!

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